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8th January 2020

Discrepancies between Jordan and June Chandler’s stories


8th January 2020

Debunking Allegations

Lies of Leaving Neverland: Damien Shield’s Leaving Neverland Exposed: http://www.damienshields.com/leaving-neverland-exposed-the-devil-is-in-the-detail/ Time For Us To Start With The Man In The Mirror https://medium.com/@deboleena.ghy/its-time-for-us-to-start-with-the-man-in-the-mirror-9bbec60a5f60

13th May 2014

Xscape (Album) Released

Xscape is the second posthumous album by American entertainer Michael Jackson, composed of previously unreleased tracks that date back as far as 1980. It was released on May 13,...

10th December 2010

Michael (Album) Released

Michael is the first posthumous album of previously unreleased tracks by American singer Michael Jackson, released on December 14, 2010 by Epic Records and Sony Music Entertainment.[1][2] It is...

26th October 2009

This Is It (Movie) Released

Michael Jackson’s This Is It is a 2009 American documentary–concert film directed by Kenny Ortega that documents Michael Jackson’s rehearsals and preparation for the concert series of the same...

26th October 2009

This Is It (Album) Released

Michael Jackson’s This Is It (or simply This Is It) is a posthumous two-disc soundtrack album by American singer Michael Jackson. Released by MJJ Music on October 26, 2009,...

27th March 2005

Radio Interview with Rev. Jesse Jackson

In a rare interview, Michael Jackson appeared live on the Rev. Jesse Jacksons weekly radio show ‘Keep Hope Alive’ on Easter Sunday March 27, 2005. Michael Jackson at that...

10th November 1996

1996 VH1 Interview

In 1996 Michael Jackson took time out of his successful HIStory tour to answer questions from fans.

22nd December 1993

Neverland Statement 1993

On this day in 1993, Michael Jackson gave the following live statement from his Neverland Ranch

27th March 1993

Speech at the Milken Family Foundation Awards

Today in 1993, Michael gave a five minute speech in front of 1200 teachers and politicians at the Milken Family Foundation awards at The Century Plaza Hotel in Los...

1st May 1992

Michael Jackson Meets Jordy Chandler

May 1992 – Michael Jackson meets his later accuser Jordan Chandler and his family at a car rental agency owned by the boy’s stepfather David Schwartz, after the singer’s car breaks down on Wilshire...

6th October 1991

Elizabeth Taylor Married Larry Fortensky at Neverland Valley Ranch

On this day Michael Jackson not only attended but hosted the wedding of Dame Elizabeth Taylor to Larry Fortensky.

9th April 1991

Michael Goes To A LA Restaurant With Madonna

On this day in 1991, Madonna and Michael Jackson went out for dinner together at the Spago restaurant in Los Angeles. It is reported that Michael offers to do...

25th March 1991

Michael Jackson Attended The Oscars With Madonna

On this day in 1991 – Michael Jackson escorted Madonna to the Oscars.

11th April 1990

Ryan White’s Funeral

On this day in 1990 – Michael Jackson attended the funeral of Ryan White. Ryan was an 18-year old AIDS patient and close friend to Michael Jackson. In this...

5th April 1990

Michael Visits The White House

President George H.W. Bush honored Michael with the “Artist of the Decade” award on April 5, 1990. The President was recognizing the King of Pop’s humanitarian works in what...

4th April 1990

Michael Visits the Capital Children’s Museum in Washington

On this day in 1990 Michael Jackson visited the Capital Children’s Museum in Washington (renamed in 2003 when the US Congress designated it the National Children’s Museum)

6th December 1989

Surpsie Appearance at The Arsenio Hall Show

December 6, 1989. Michael Jackson makes a surprise appearance at The Arsenio Hall Show to present Eddie Murphy with MTV’s Humour God Of The 80’s Award. Then Eddie presents...

12th April 1989

1989 Soul Train Music Awards

Michael Jackson won the Best R&B/Urban Contemporary Single, Male and Best R&B/Urban Contemporary Music Video categories at the third annual Soul Train Music Awards.

9th November 1987

“The Way You Make Me Feel” Single Released

On this day in 1987, “The Way You Make Me Feel” single was released. This was the 3rd single from the “Bad” album.

27th March 1985

Attends “Starlight Express” in London

On this day in 1985 – Michael Jackson attends the futuristic musical ‘Starlight Express’ at the Apollo Victoria Theatre in London and meets the cast backstage.

10th April 1984

Michael Attends Academy Awards After Party

On this day in 1984 Michael Jackson attended a party in Beverly Hills, Calif. following the 56th Annual Academy Awards. Here he can be seen mingling with George ‘Spanky’...

15th December 1983

“The Making of Thriller” Released

On this day “The Making of Thriller” was released. From Michael Jackson we take a look behind the “Thrills” of Thriller

25th March 1983

Motown 25: Yesterday, Today and Forever

On this day in 1983 – Michael Jackson performed the moonwalk for a live audience for the first time during a performance of “Billie Jean.” “Motown 25: Yesterday, Today...